J: hey bro seems we have lost contact --- E: what do you mean? --- J: we lost contact with thereuters.space
-------------------- E: did you fix the sync generator? --- J: Not yet... --- E: Blast! --------------------

The Reuters ‘Incubation’ new album Out Now!

The REUTERS make pretty much the best punk / alternative / underground and garage rawk with raw old school power and balls! Ten songs and never a dull moment on this album. "Incubation" is a contemporary sounding album with a great old school feel.. At the same time The Reuters each time take a different approach in their songs without loosing any moment. At first mainly loud, melodic and catchy, deeper layers penetrate subtly and slowly and give an infinite number of twists.

This time the artwork is even more excellent than ever. Made by Timothy Voges and originally titled "Incubation". Part of the beauty of the overall design of this record is the smokey 180 gram vinyl. The first 100 copies will include a SHAMELESS PROMOTION CD and a REUTERS postcard.

Limited edition of 200 copies on smokey 180 gr vinyl!



NRC 03-09-2020
plaatbespreking door Jan Vollaard

NRC review The Reuters - Incubation

September 2020
muziekkrant OOR recensie door Oscar Smit

OOR plaatbespreking The Reuters - Incubation



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The Reuters - Sameless Promotion


The Reuters - Shameless Promotion CD
Including 5 songs. NOT FOR SALE!
Personalised CD
Comes for free with the first 100 copies of ‘Incubation’

1 Ambient Ambulance
2 The Force
3 Top Die Back Up
4 Credits
5 Bored





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