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The Reuters

(Reuters) The REUTERS are a punkadelic garage rawk band from Outer Space. The REUTERS came from NoWhere, they have been EveryWhere, and they are gonna go Beyond.

Outer Space? EveryWhere?? BEYOND??? Big Words? Cut down by the limitations of language I couldn’t even come close to the actual size; let’s say: “The sky is no limit for the Great Open Mind.”


The Reuters Live

Still in their ‘youth’ on Planet HU they formed a noize hunit, an experimental sci-fact from Chaos to Kosmos and back. They were very ‘underground’, and nobody digged them. But hey! That’s HU, the hoi polloi outback of their Galaxy…

They built a mind driven concept processed sync generator into a spaceship and blasted off, to explore the multiversa.



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