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The REUTERS. A new band with a new vinyl album on a brand new label. Steaming hot and with a blast of energy. Although... new... The Reuters won their spurs in music for many years and in lots of different ways. For example: The LoveBurns (CD: No Mercy), The Indians, The Other Persons (7": Don't You Dare), NoBody Lotion (Collect-lp: Punk's Not Deaf), The REUTERS (USA Compilation: Making A Scene 2016),the SEJA records label and the Noize Hunit label.
We're dealing with a bunch of old-school punk inventors who have always practised a DIY attitude. Yet another result is this album, wich bounces us into a wild ride through their imaginary galaxy. Rumour has it that these guys come from Planet HU. Obviously they don't deny... The Reuters are not easy to approach, but that's without malicious intent. After all, HU is far away, but this species is here to stay!
The REUTERS call their style 'punkadelic psycho rawk'. Listen, they are worth it!

Noize Hunit is the new sub-label of SEJA records. The first release is the debut LP of The REUTERS, entitled "We Are From HU". Available in black and clear vinyl.

"... I love this band. Whatever these guys are taking, I want some...!" (Phil King,

Rudeboy Remmington recommends 'We Are From HU' by the REUTERS!


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The Reuters | E.P.

(Reuters) The Punkadelic Garage RAWK Quintet from the Nether- World have released their second set of trax, on 7 inches of marbled wax this time, to be spun at 33 rpm.
Five reconstructions of songs they played back in the late 7 T’s, in the actual garage of Ray Hunter’s grumpy ol’ man. They were called ‘Vitamine Sex’. And they were known by a trail of shocked, indignant, opprobrious head shaking, fist raising, bible bellicose, hoi polloi peasants of all sexes -only ever using their fuckin’ sex organs in a procreative way btw-
crying SHAME upon them.
Fourty years later and not having aged a day, this gang of good guys still sing & play their asses off from HU to YOU!!!
Limited Edition (200) in 200 different sleeves. GET THAT!

The new REUTERS record, recorded in The NetherWorld, mastered in Israel and pressed in Germany has 200 unique cuz different sleeves. Soon to be sold ev’rywhere, ask for

The REUTERS e.p.
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